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Kate Hooper

14 January 2024

21m 30s

How Can I Lead Teams Through Change? - Mini Masterclass 5



Back in the hot seat for another Masterclass, Professor Donald Maclean walks us through the concept of "Deep Structure" and how we can use it to lead teams through change.

Transformation can be a scary and difficult process for an organisation and its workers. In this episode you'll learn why "Deep Structure" is an important tool in navigating this process, what it is, and how you can harness it in your own business.

Themes and Topics:

  • 2:15 - Why is Deep Structure important?
  • 4:35 - Kate and Donald discuss the results of a poll on management styles
  • 7:15 - What is Deep Structure?
  • 9:45 - How can we use Deep Structure in organisations?
  • 12:10 - Deep Structure and transformation
  • 17:40 - Summary

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